ETERIA | Enhance transborder experiences, rebuild interactions of artists
co-financed by Creative Europe Program

The Italian Centre of the International Theatre Institute UNESCO (Italy), in collaboration with Zdruzenie na umetnici Makedonski centar na Internacionalen teatarski institut/PRODUKCIJA (North Macedonia), Theatro Tsi Zakynthos (Greece), University of Salento – Department of Engineering for Innovation – Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab (Italy), Muzeul de Istorie Nationala si Arheologie Constanta (Romania), are pleased to announce a European Call for Artists for the participation in artistic activities in Greece, Romania and Italy within the project ETERIA – Enhance Transborder Experiences, Rebuild Interactions of Artists, supported by the European Union “Creative Europe Program – Cultural Cooperation projects”.

The Call is addressed to emerging and professional artists from all Europe for the participation in
the International Arts Residencies, that include online masterclasses and in presence masterclasses, activities, rehearsals for the realization of a multilingual site-specific performance. The selected artists will have the chance to develop their skills on the practice of Social and Community Theatre, social inclusion through theatre and new technologies on performing arts. This experience will provide the artists with important materials that can contribute to evolve their professional performative skills and to enhance new international collaborations.

The selected artists will participate in the performance preparation and presentation that will be made during the three Arts Residences held in 2023 and 2024 in Greece, Romania and Italy. The international group of artists will spend two weeks of full-immersion rehearsals work for the preparation of a collective,
multilingual, site-specific performance, under the artistic direction of the International Theatre Institute Italy, focusing on the materials collected on the Residences’ topics. The schedule for the performance preparation will be very intensive. In the Residence time the group of European artists will carry out a
full-time, intensive, shared work. The work is made in connection with the local communities and with the places, in order to enhance participatory meaning-making experiences.

ETERIA envisages the implementation of three Arts Residences, made in hybrid mode:
a first part is online and includes 3 Masterclasses; a second part is in presence. Each Residence develops some specific aspects and relates to a specific myth: the first Residence in Zakynthos (Greece) is on “Conflicts and Memories”, the relevant myth is Mnemosyne, the second one in Constanta (Romania) is on “Borders and Crossroads”, the relevant myth is Hecate, the third one is on “Conflicts and Migrations”, relevant myth is Hestia.

The project can cover the travels and the accommodation costs for the selected participants.

Deadline for submission: 2th April 2023

Submission requirements
Applicants must submit the following documents electronically (in English) to this e-mail address
• An updated CV, including also a photo, phone number and email address
• A motivation letter, specifying what you expect from this experience

Important: good knowledge of English is required.
For further details please contact (in English) at

European Call for Artists – ETERIA